The Industry Leading Manufacturer of Pyrotechnics, Fog, Low-Lying Fog, Haze, Bubbles, Snow and Dry Ice Machines!

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Industry-Leading Five Year Warranty

Our atmospheric machines are proudly manufactured in North America. Available through a global dealer network of over 800 dealers, all of our machines come with a five-year warranty against manufacturers’ defect provided our fluids are used.

Haze Effects


Produce the ultimate, beautiful haze thoroughly illuminating lights and laser beams from the ceiling to the floor.

Fog Effects


Create world-class fog effects for live theatre, concert tours, sporting events and theme parks.

Low-Lying Fog Effects


Unique and dramatic low fog effects, including dramatic reveals, disappearances and projects screens. 

Snow Effects


Whether you need a light and fluffy snowfall or a raging snowstorm, we have the perfect snow machine for you.

Bubble Effects


Long-lasting and colorful, our bubbles always add a touch of magic to any wedding, dance party, live event or theme park attraction.

Five Finger Death Punch 1024x1024 1

Photo courtesy of Sam Silkworth for Clearwing Productions

Swedish House Mafia 1

Swedish House Mafia

pink using pink minesE7A1E836B54C

P!NK Concert

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Industry Leading Technology

Our pyro products are used on world concert tours, at major sporting events and at theme parks around the globe. With AngelFire® Technology, our products are available in an unmatched range of colors. Our signature patented Low Smoke Lift™ System also reduces lift smoke by up to 90%.

All of our pyro products are proudly manufactured in North America. 

Provides a bright color punch, revealing a subtle color change at 75 feet before reaching its pinnacle over 200 feet in the air.

Loads of bright color in a tight cluster punch. When shot in an all fire fan, the CXM Mine produces a stunning effect.

A stunning yet powerful combination of two crowd favorite products. It brings together the mine and the colorful comet.


 Using our AngelFire® Technology, their color saturation is something that must be seen to appreciate. 

MDL Beast vertical image 1

MDL BEAST SoundStorm 2021, courtesy of Paul Harris

NASCAR Circuit of the Americas

NASCAR Circuit of the Americas, courtesy of Big Dog Pyro

Paul McCartney Concert Image

Paul McCartney, Olympic Stadium, Munich Germany, courtesy of Andreas Tügel

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Not Just Another Special Effects Company

Over 30 years ago, our president, Adrian Segeren saw a need in the live event industry for durable, reliable machines that created consistent and dramatic atmospheric effects.

He started a company, which came to be known as Ultratec Special Effects. Our atmospheric products quickly found their way into Broadway, theme parks and countless concert tours featuring internationally recognized music artists.


In 2007, Ultratec Special Effects acquired what would become our pyrotechnic manufacturing division. This acquisition allowed Ultratec to provide a complete range of close proximity pyrotechnics  and atmospheric effects.

Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia, Coachella

ringling bros barnum bailey circus af mines gold with tail 25ftAC952BA0E9A2

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

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What Makes Ultratec Products Different?

Our manufacturing innovations have resulted in the Rapid Change Heat Exchanger found in our line of fog machines. The Radiance Hazer’s Four Port Vaporizer provides durability and reliability. Our build quality allow us to offer a five year warranty against manufacturers’ defect. 

Our pyro research & development team uses Angelfire in all of our pyro products, producing the best colors in the live event industry. Our latest innovation, the Pulse Lift Plate technology will provide even greater consistency and quality to our line of pyrotechnics.

Five-year warranty included on Ultratec products.

Five Year Warranty

Our complete line of atmospheric machines have a five year warranty.

Ultratec FX - Made In North America Since 1992

Made In North America

The best innovation, reliability and durability for over 30 years!

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Low Smoke Lift™ System

Use our patented pyro products and reduce lift smoke by up to 90%.

AngelFire® logo which is an illustration of an angel's face blowing fire in the sky.

AngelFire® Technology

Unmatched deep, saturated and vibrant pyrotechnic colors.

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