Bubble Master 2000

The Bubble Master is a professional and durable machine that is capable of introducing enormous quantities of bubbles into the atmosphere. It is built with hi-tech, roto-mold plastic that prevents corrosion. The Bubble Master is also equipped with high power fans that offer a variable speed control which allows for greater flexibility in the bubble projection. 

The Bubble Master has our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service.

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Product List
CXP-1075 Bubble Remote LCD Display $191.00 USD
CXP-1126 Bubble Motor Coupler $17.98 USD
CXP-2021 Bubble Master 220V Fan $541.53 USD
CXP-2022 Radiance/Bubble Fan 110V $216.84 USD
CXP-2023 Bubble Master 220V Motor $26.96 USD
CXP-2024 Bubble Master 120V Motor $30.33 USD
CXP-2027 Bubble Wheel w/Wands $28.09 USD
CXP-2029 Bubble Master 120V Finger Guard $7.86 USD
CXP-2030 Bubble Master 220V Finger Guard $102.24 USD
CXP-2031 Bubble Wand Only $1.12 USD
CXP-2036R Bubble Master 2000 120V Main PCB RECON. $163.13 USD
CXP-2045 Bubble Wheel Assembly Complete $157.29 USD
CXP-2046 Bubble Shaft Bushing $24.72 USD
CXP-2049 Bubble Shaft Rod $9.66 USD
CXP-4211 Chip - 8-Pin DMX Serial $56.18 USD