Turbo Fan

Constructed on heady-duty stainless steel, Ultratec’s Turbo Fan is a quiet, durable, versatile and powerful.  Its ratchet, positive-locking positioning base makes it quick and easy to set-up and use.  The built-in variable speed control enhanced by an optional DMX/W-DMX with RDM mode interface gives you powerful, fast and secure control.  The dual voltage selector makes it even more versatile, allowing it to operate in either 110V/220V. 
At full directional airflow, its sound level is equivalent to a residential vacuum cleaner (70dB) and distributes snow up to 60+ feet.  (Full airflow: 2500 CFM at a velocity or 1800 ft./min with a 1600 RPM blade speed.) 
The Turbo Fan will meet your diverse production needs.  Place it on stage or hang it from lighting rigs or trusses.  It’s reversible - in forward blade rotation, airflow is widely dispersed but by reversing the rotation, built-in Air Straighteners focus and direct airflow. 
Teaming the Turbo Fan with the Turbo Fan Snow Machine creates one of the most powerful Snow Machines on the market, able to distribute snow up to 60+ feet. 
The Turbo Fan has a five year warranty due to manufacturer’s defect.  To see the Turbo Fan cutsheet click here. 

Please Note: The DMX/W-DMX Wireless Option and Turbo Fan Snow Machine accessories are currently not available in Europe. 


Product List Dealer Quantity
CLF-2850 Turbo Fan 110V/220V (Wireless) $4,924.50 USD
CLF-2851 Turbo Fan 110V/220V (Non-Wireless) $4,714.50 USD