Why Use Our Atmospheric Products?

We have set the standard for over 25 years!

Photo courtesy of Sam Silkworth for Clearwing Productions.

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Our Warranty

We Include an Industry Leading Five Year Warranty

For over 25 years, our research & development team has pushed the envelope when it comes to innovation.

While we continue to look for ways to make our machines lighter and smaller, durability and reliability has always been a must. The quality of our machines is respected by professionals throughout the live event industry.

That durability and reliability allow us to provide a five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect on our entire line of atmospheric effect machines, provided our fluids are used in the machine.

Five-year warranty included on Ultratec products.
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Our Rapid Change Heat Exchanger

The Technology behind our fog generators

We use our award-winning Rapid Change Technology in our entire line of fog generators.

Our Rapid Change Technology allows our machines to produce great fog effects. When it’s time, the replacement of the kit is simple, straightforward, and completed in minutes.

Every fog generator ships with an extra Rapid Change Heat Exchanger Kit and includes a  free 1:1 lifetime replacement warranty with the Rapid Change Heat Exchanger kit.

G3000 1100 x 1100
Power Fog Industrial 9D
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4-Port Rapid Clean Vaporizer

Our Major advancement in water-based haze technology

Our 4-Port Rapid Clean Vaporizer has set industry standards with its major advancement in water-based haze technology. 

Designed for low fluid consumption, the Radiance Hazer can cost as low as $1 per hour to operate, creating an even distribution of haze that illuminates light and laser beams from ceiling to floor.

When it’s time to service your Radiance Hazer, cleaning the 4-Port Rapid Clean Vaporizer takes less 15 minutes.

This easy-to-do maintenance will ensure your Radiance Hazer provides optimal performance for years to come!

Radiance Hazer - Side View
Radiance Arena System - Front View
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Our Complete Line Of Fluids

Create a wide range of haze, fog, snow and bubble effects!

Our fluids are essential to producing haze, fog, snow, and bubble effects for your live events!

Bubble, Fog, Haze, Smoke, and Snow Fluids

Our fluids are specifically formulated for optimal performance and longevity of your Ultratec machine. With a wide range of fluids at various price points, we have the solution you need to create the effect you want

Best of all, using Ultratec Special Effects’ fluids ensures you maintain the five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect on our atmospheric effect machines! 

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Made in North America

Industry Leading Five Year Warranty

For over 25 years, our research & development team has pushed the envelope when it comes to innovation.

We’ve always been proud that our products are North American made. The quality of the manufacturing gives us the confidence to offer a five-year warranty on our entire line of atmospheric effect machines.

Ultratec Special Effects’ products are used globally to bring a broad range of events to life including, world concert tours, theatre productions, major sporting events and internationally recognized theme parks.

Ultratec FX - Made In North America
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Our Sales & Service

You've invested in our products, we are invested in you

Our sales and service teams bring energy and charisma that has a positive impact on our customers.


Our sales team possesses years of manufacturing and live event experience. To them, you’re not just a dealer, you are Ultratec’s partner and they are prepared to the best solutions for you and your customers. 


When your machines are down, you can count on our service team to help you solve the problem and get your machines back in action. 

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