The Turbo Fan

Powerful, Versatile, and Durable

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The Turbo Fan

Powerful, Versatile, and Durable

The Turbo Fan can be positioned on stage or hung from stage rigging to meet a variety of production needs.

Constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel, the Turbo Fan has built-in variable speeds and bi-directional operation capability, providing powerful, fast, and secure control.

In forward-blade rotation, airflow is widely dispersed, but by reversing the rotation, the built-in air straighteners focus and direct airflow. With its positive-locking base, positioning and angle adjustment are quick, easy, and secure.

Available in 110V or 220V. the Turbo Fan is CE certified.

CLF-2850 wireless 110-220V: $6,664.12 USD
CLF-2851 wired 110-220V: $6,379.94 USD

Ultratec FX - Made In North America
Five-year warranty included on Ultratec products.
CE Available
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Models and Features

  • CLF-2850 Turbo Fan 110V/220V (Wireless)
  • CLF-2851 Turbo Fan 110V/220V (Non-Wireless)
  • CLF-2852 Turbo Fan 220V CE CERTIFIED
  • Built-In DMX W/RDM compatibility
  • Wireless DMX Optional
  • Hang it from the lighting rig or truss or Position it on stage
  • Heavy duty angle adjustment
  • Wide dispersion in forward direction
  • Directional flow in reverse direction
  • 70 dB output at full speed 2,500 CFM at 1,800 FPM
  • Stainless steel chassis
  • Snow Machine Attachment for Turbo Fan (optional)
  • Length: 23in / 58.42cm
  • Width: 21in / 53.34cm
  • Height: 10in / 25.4cm
  • Weight: 51 lb. (61 lbs. with snow front option)
  • Output: 2500 cfm @ 1800 ft/min
  • Power: 3 / 1.5 amps (.3 KW or .4 HP)
  • Noise Level: 70 dB
  • Regulatory Compliance: This product has been certified to CSA/UL Standards by QPS Canada Inc.

Shipping Specifications per Model

Model LengthWidthHeightWeight
CLF-2850Turbo Fan 110V/220V (Wireless)25 in – 63.5 cm23 in – 58.42 cm14 in – 35.56 cm61 lbs – 28 kg
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Parts and Service

CXP-4263Schuko Plug 240V
CXP-604014/3 6´ Power Cord w/3 Prongs

Looking for a part for your Turbo Fan? Contact us.

T: 519.951.3355
TF: 866.534.5557
E: [email protected]

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Watch the Product Video

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Turbo Fan

The accessories listed here are for the Turbo Fan. Looking for an accessory not listed here? Contact our sales team.

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OTHER Products

Turbo Fan & Other Special Effect Devices

Ultratec manufactures a series of fans and related products. Not sure which fan will suit your needs? Contact our sales team.

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T: 800-388-0617
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