Weather-It Case

Keep the Weather Out With the Weather-It Case.

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Weather-It Case

Keep The Weather Out With the Weather-It Case

The sturdy design of the Weather-It Case allows Ultratec’s machines to be used for outdoor applications when the weather is less than ideal.

Each case is designed using the well-known Pelican™ Case. Pelican’s cases are tough, durable, and entrusted by military and law enforcement around the world.

Each case is tailored to meet the needs and functionality of the enclosed machine.

This may include a built-in fan for cooling and a 4-inch nozzle for fog or haze output. Holding straps ensure the machine is secure, keeping it firmly in place. A channel port allows access for the fluid pickup line, electrical and control cables

The Weather-It Case has a five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect.

CLF-2821 for G3000:
$2,266.36 USD

CLF-4458 for PFI 9D:
$2,266.36 USD

CLF-4488 for Radiance Hazer:
$1,463.54 USD

CLF-4468 for Power Fog Industrial:
$2,266.36 USD

CLF-2820 for G3000 Mega Fog Burst:
$2,266.36 USD

CLF-2823 for G3000 Mega Fog Burst
4L jug compatible:
$2,266.36 USD

Ultratec FX - Made In North America
Five-year warranty included on Ultratec products.
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Models and Features

  • CLF-4458 Weather-It Case – Power Fogger Industrial 9D
  • CLF-4468 Weather-It Case – Power Fogger Industrial
  • CLF-4488 Weather-It Case –Radiance Hazer – 2 liter
  • CLF-7837 Weather-It Case – Premier Fogger w/Industrial Option
  • CLF-2820 Weather-It Case – G3000 with industrial and Mega Fog Burst
  • CLF-2821 Weather-It Case New Style – G3000
  • CLF-2823 Weather-It Case – G3000 w/Mega Fog Burst (4L Jug Compatible)
  • CLF-7165 Weather-It Case – Silent Storm Snow Machine
  • Road Case Holding Straps
  • Waterproof Electrical Cover
  • Waterproof Fan Cover
  • 4-inch Output Nozzle
  • Built-in Road Case Fan

Note: Features will vary based on the enclosed machine and may not be exactly as shown (machine not included).

Length: 24.83 in / 63.1 cm
Width: 19.69 in / 50 cm
Height: 11.88 in / 30.2 cm

Length: 31.59 in / 80.2 cm
Width: 20.47 in / 52 cm
Height: 12.45 in / 31.6 cm

Length: 31.30 in / 79.5 cm
Width: 20.40 in / 51.8 cm
Height: 15.50 in / 39.4 cm

Shipping Specifications per Model

Model LengthWidthHeightWeight
CLF-4458Weather-It Case – Power Fogger Industrial 9D26 in – 66 cm20 in – 51 cm13 in – 33 cm17 lbs – 8 kgs
CLF-4468Weather-It Case – Power Fogger Industrial26 in – 66 cm20 in – 51 cm13 in – 33 cm17 lbs – 8 kgs
CLF-2821Weather-It Case New Style – G300032 in – 81 cm21 in – 53 cm12 in – 31 cm28 lbs – 13 kgs
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Parts and Service

CXP-1046Show/PFI/PFI 9D/Premier/G3000 4″ Hose Adapter
CXP-1295#8 x 5/8 Phillips Self Tapping Screws B/O
CXP-12968/32 Nylon Locknut
CXP-12978/32 x 3″ Round Combo Bolts B/O
CXP-4245G3000 Black Hose Cover LF
CXP-4264G3000 3 Prong Male Straight Blade Plug
CXP-42861/4″ Flat Washer
CXP-5028Le Flame Finger Guard

Looking for a part for your Weather-It Case? Contact us.

T: 519.951.3355
TF: 866.534.5557
E: [email protected]

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Fog and Low Fog Fluids

For over 25 years our fog fluids have been used to create world-class fog and low fog effects for live theatre, concert tours, sporting events, and theme parks. Our line of fog fluids is essential for creating a broad range of fog effects.

Fluids are available in 4 L, 20 L, and 205 L containers. Not sure which fluid you need to create the desired effect? Contact our sales team.

North America
T: 800-388-0617
E: [email protected]

T: +49 (0)69 87 000 1850
E: [email protected]

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Weather-It Case

The accessories listed here are for the Weather-It Case. Looking for an accessory not listed here? Contact our sales team.

North America
T: 800-388-0617
E: [email protected]

T: +49 (0)69 87 000 1850
E: [email protected] 

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OTHER Products

The Weather-It Case

Ultratec manufactures a series of atmospheric effects machines. Not sure which machine will suit your needs? Contact our sales team.

North America
T: 800-388-0617
E: [email protected]

T: +49 (0)69 87 000 1850
E: [email protected]

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