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Our atmospheric machines come with a five-year warranty against manufacturers' defect.

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Industry-Leading Five Year Warranty.
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Our atmospheric machines are proudly manufactured in North America. Available through a global dealer network of over 800 dealers, all of our machines come with a five-year warranty against manufacturers’ defect provided our fluids are used.

Haze Effects


Produce the ultimate, beautiful haze thoroughly illuminating lights and laser beams from the ceiling to the floor.

Fog Effects


Create world-class fog effects for live theatre, concert tours, sporting events and theme

Low-Lying Fog Effects

Low Fog

Unique and dramatic low fog effects, including dramatic reveals, disappearances and projects screens. 

Snow Effects


Whether you need a light and fluffy snowfall or a raging snowstorm, we have the perfect snow machine for you.

Bubble Effects


Long-lasting and colorful our bubbles always add a touch of magic to any wedding, dance party, live event or theme park attraction.

Five-year warranty included on Ultratec products.
Ultratec FX - Made In North America
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