How we became the industry-leading manufacturer of close proximity pyrotechnics and atmospheric effects!

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Not Just another Special Effects company...

Over 30 years ago, our president, Adrian Segeren saw a need in the live event industry for durable, reliable machines that created consistent and dramatic atmospheric effects.

He started a company, which came to be known as Ultratec Special Effects. Our atmospheric products quickly found their way into Broadway, theme parks and countless concert tours featuring internationally recognized music artists.

Through the early 1990’s, Ultratec continued to look for ways to innovate. On the fogger side, we created the Low Smoke Generator, which combined with the G3000 to create never before seen low fog effects. The Radiance Hazer, became a significant advancement producing water-based haze instead of the traditional oil-based haze. This new, safe method for producing haze effects has resulted in the manufacturing and delivery of over 20,000 Radiance Haze Machines currently being used world-wide. 

In 2003, our Groveland (Orlando), Florida facility was opened to provide service and maintenance for our ever-growing list of dealers and customers.

In 2007, Ultratec Special Effects acquired what would become our pyrotechnic manufacturing division. This acquisition allowed Ultratec to provide a complete range of close proximity pyrotechnics  and atmospheric effects.

Our pyro research & development team in Alabama, creates and manufactures new pyro products using our Angelfire® Technology providing an unmatched range of pyro colors. Additionally, they developed the Low Smoke Lift™ System to reduce smoke lift by up to 90%, an essential need for pyro used during close proximity, indoors or live television events.

In 2012, we added operation facilities in Frankfurt, Germany allowing us to service our customers and expand the footprint of our business throughout the European market.

Most recently, our special effects research and development team in Ontario, Canada developed and began manufacturing the world’s most durable and dependable low fog machine, the Eclipse. The Eclipse has already proven the consistent ability to develop a wide range of dramatic low fog effects.

While Ultratec has grown to have facilities in London, Ontario, Canada, Huntsville, Alabama, Groveland (Orlando), Florida and Frankfurt, Germany one tradition has not changed: exceeding the expectations of our customers. We continue to manufacture our special effects and pyro products at our facilities in North America ensuring the consistency and quality our customers have always been able to rely on.

Today, our four facilities combined with a dealer network stretching across continents allowing us to serve our customers on a global scale.

That’s why Ultratec continues to be the industry leading manufacturer of pyrotechnics and special effects.

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