Pyrotechnic Products

Our pyrotechnic products use our AngelFire® technology providing bright and saturated colors!

Photo courtesy of Paul Harris.

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Using the categories below, select a pyrotechnic product.

Kleen Skybursts™


20 ft to 40 ft Comets

75 ft to 100 ft Comets

140 ft Comets

225 ft to 275 ft Comets

350 ft Comets

400 ft+ Comets

500 ft Comets – COMING SOON

Color Changing Comets™

Multi-Shot Comets

Tracer Comets

Color Changing Mines™

Gemini Mines

Gemini Mines™

Tracer Mines

Multi-Shot Mines

Airbursts & Starbursts


Gerb Mines

Robotics and SPD's

Kool Fountains

Falling Stars

Specialty Products

A/B Powders

Oxral Matches


Gamon Sliding System

Spinner Hardware

Pyro Holders


2 Pin Pyro Control, Holders

Ultratec FX - Made In North America
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