Pyro Control Devices

Control & Lead Devices for Pyrotechnics

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Pyrotechnic Controllers & Lead Devices

Designed with convenience and safety in mind, our Pyrotechnic controllers and lead devices are easy to set up and use exclusively with our pyrotechnics.

These devices allow a pyrotechnician to connect and manage multiple pyrotechnics to produce custom effects. 

Used with our cables & connectors, they can be adapted to the needs of any pyrotechnic show.

They provide significant cost savings in setting up fireworks and other pyrotechnics, due to their versatility, and in transporting and storage because of their weight and volume reduction. 

Proudly manufactured in North America.

Pyro Control Unit
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Pyrotechnic Controls & Leads

North America Products

Product #Name
CPH1105Jumper Leads
CPH1260Standard Pod- Deluxe
CPH1107Reverse Jumper Lead
Product #NameCE (DE/EN)BAM #NARCANEx #
CPH1105Jumper LeadsNo
CPH1260Standard Pod- DeluxeNo
CPH1107Reverse Jumper LeadNo

Europe Products (CE Certified)

Product #Name
Product #NameCE (DE/EN)BAM #NARCANEx #
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WAtch the Product Video

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Other Hardware

The Gamon Sliding System, Pyro Holders and More

We have a comprehensive catalog of pyro hardware products including the durable, easy-to-use Gamon Sliding System, and a wide range of pyro holders, pyro clips and cables. Contact our sales team today.

North America
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