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Our close proximity pyrotechnics use our Angelfire® technology providing an unmatched range of bright and saturated colors!

Photo courtesy of Paul Harris.

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50-Foot Mines with Pulse Lift Plate™ System

The 50-Foot Mine is now available with our Pulse Lift Plate™ System. The Pulse Lift Plate™ System ensures more consistent and tight star groupings when using our Mines. Additionally, it eliminates lift discs, plastic caps, and other debris that litters venues, reducing post-event waste, clean-up time, and cost, making PLP™-based pyro products debris free. The result is an eco-friendlier product.

Proudly manufactured in North America, our Mines are available in standard colors with and without tails.

Want to learn more about our 50-Foot Mines or the Pulse Lift Plate™ System? Contact our sales team today.

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