Return Merchandise Authorization Requests

RMA Requests: To retrieve an RA number for the return of our machines requiring repairs/estimates, warranty claims, or the request to return products purchased within 30 days (excluding fluid) please fill in the below information and an RA number will be forwarded to you.  Please be sure to read our Warranty policy and contact us with any questions you may have.

**All machines received will have a minimum one hour labor charge for assessments.  Approved returns must be made within 30 days of the purchase receipt date.**

For all machine returns be sure to enter all required information including the serial number, the appropriate machine that is being returned and the reason for return.  On repair/estimate requests be as descriptive as possible as the more information we have to begin with the better we can assess the problem.  (Please note:  requesting an estimate will extend the time frame in which the machine repair is completed.)

In the reason for the return field you can also make a note on any remotes, cords etc. that are being returned with the machine.  Also – please ensure that you remove all fluid from the machine prior to the return as it will be discarded upon receipt.

Once you have your RA number please ship the unit back to the repair facility as specified on your RA and forward the tracking information to our customer service email below.  This will assist us in getting this repair completed in a timely manner.

Leave this field blank

If you have any questions – please feel free to contact Customer Service at [email protected] or by phone at 866-534-5551.

Revised warranty 8/19/20:

If the unit in question has a defect or fault that is caused by a proven factory fault, Ultratec Special Effects will provide free parts and labor if advised in a timely manner after defect appearance, within five years of delivery. Proof of sale and/or proof of purchase will be required for warranty to take effect.

Guaranteed service will be performed as follows: faulty parts will be repaired or replaced with the appropriate parts, based on manufacturer’s choice. Freight to our facility for warranty items will be prepaid by the user/dealer. Upon completion of the repair, Ultratec Special Effects will return the unit via the most economical means available. Should you require the item express-returned, the user/dealer is responsible for indicating this request and for any difference in freight cost.

Warranty will be voided, and customer will lose all rights guaranteed by the warranty if any of the following are observed/occur:

  • If any non Ultratec Special Effects fluid is used at any point of operation.
  • If any adjustments or repairs are done to the machine in question by repair technicians not authorized by Ultratec Special Effects.
  • If our repair technicians observe any incorrect handling/treating of machine in question.

Guaranteed services do not cause an extension of the warranty nor does a repaired product start a new warranty. This warranty only applies to the product supplied by Ultratec Special Effects, Ultratec Special Effects is not responsible for any losses, costs, or damages from the use of a defective product.

To obtain satisfaction under the terms of the warranty, contact your local dealer and we will be pleased to help you.

Please see the authorized return processes for more information.  

Please do not forget to remove any liquid from the machine when sending in for repair.

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